By entering any of Continuum's Giveaways or Raffles you agree to the following:

ALL 'Giveaways' and 'Raffles To Purchase Product' are 'No Purchase Necessary'. They are completely FREE to enter. We will post information regarding when the Raffle ends via the Raffle Form page. Any duplicate entries (or entries made with similar email address, names, or phone numbers) will be disqualified and removed from the raffle without notification. Current raffles moving forward, unless posted, are open ONLY to South Carolina residents. Winner's will be required to provide proof of residency via their billing & shipping addresses that will be collected directly if chosen. If it's brought to our attention you are have won and paid, but are not physically located in the United States you will be disqualified from entering any and all future raffles.


Upon filling out the Raffle Form an email will be sent to our designated email address, and the data will be collected following the guidelines of our Privacy Policy. These entries will be loaded into a spreadsheet to remove duplicate entries. The finalized list will be transmitted into an electronic randomizer to determine the winner(s) fairly. The winner(s) will be contacted via an email or phone call shortly after the raffle ends to be notified and/or payment collected.  Pickup and delivery options will be discussed at the time.  

Continuum is NOT liable nor will we offer replacement for any products damaged or missing in transit. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.


Depending on the number of entries the time frame of notification to the winner(s) may be extended. During this time we will not respond to any emails or DMs requesting a status update. Once the winner(s) has been chosen, we will make a post via Instagram (@continuumsc) letting you know that all winners have been notified.

Please Note: These Terms are subject to change whenever we see fit.

UPDATE: Due to human error and technical difficulties some entries my receive responses or notifications about our discontinued Double Entry Merch promotion. This will not apply to any entry moving forward starting 07/22/20.


Products found in the "Double Entry Merch" Collection during Raffles can be utilized to increase your chances of being chosen. NOTE: These products are NON-REFUNDABLE. Products are only subject to exchange IF the product is available in an alternate size if needed. By purchasing products from the "Double Entry Merch" Collection you agree to these terms.